Classic Ballet Russian Method
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Our Classic Ballet classes provides a syllabus following the Russian style of ballet training based on the teachings of Agrippina Vaganova.

Children can start  in Primary 1 the term before they turn 5 years.   Our  ballet classes are full of fun – using imaginative and creative movement to provide an exciting way of discovering Ballet  . As the pupils progress, the classes become more structured and by the age of 6, the pupils are offered the opportunity to be entered for examinations if they wish.

As students progress,  grades 1-6 and Vocational grades are available to further develop technical and performance skills. There is also a series of medal tests catering for all age groups.

Teen beginners Ballet
Provides training for late starters  from age 11.  Exams  can also be  entered appropriate to age and ability. 


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Copyright ©hitchinrussianballet