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We are delighted to announce a new class – Barre&Baby - a ballet class for new parents to participate in with their babies, starting in Ickleford Village Hall from September 2021!

The classes provide a space for new mums to bring balance back into their lives, through the power of dance and movement. Everyone is welcome (dads too!) and no previous experience is required.

Barre & Baby classes are designed to help support mothers in their recovery from birth, strengthening the body, correcting body posture, strengthening and protecting the spine, stabilising the pelvis, and improving awareness of breathing and movement for overall wellbeing.

Spaces are limited, so booking is essential!

Please feel free to get in touch to find out more about these very special classes by contacting us



Charlotte is a certified Barre & Baby teacher, and a qualified Baby-wearing Peer Supporter and has recent, specific training in dance for the pre- and post-natal body. Charlotte has over 25 years’ teaching experience in ballet and movement. She is an Associate Teacher for both the Royal Academy of Dance and the National Association of Teachers of Dancing, and a Teacher Member of One Dance UK.

 Photography by Sarah Stirk

 Photography by Sarah Stirk